Listing Number AFP - 979

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Product Designation

Thermac, Model 1000, Type E heat detector

Supplier and Manufacturer

Thermac Pty Ltd
2 Panoramic Terrace, BERWICK, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3806

Supplier's description

Thermac, Model 1000, Type E heat detector is a heat sensitive electrical switch. It is a fixed temperature device with a factory pre-set temperature in the range 60C to 240C.

The detector comprises a pair of normally open electrical contacts mounted on a low expansion metal strut assembly and installed under compression in a high expansion metal shell or tube. A rise in temperature will cause reduced compression and the resulting movement in the strut assembly will allow the contacts to close at the set point temperature. With a drop in temperature the procedure reverses and the contacts re-open below the set point temperature. This principle offers the benefit of inherent rate of compensation or anticipation, whereby during a rapid temperature rise the detector shell will expand more rapidly and so operate sooner to provide a rapid fire warning.

The detector body or shell is a seamless, once-piece unit, precision machined from AISI 316 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

Electrical contacts are gold plated and lead cables are nickel plated copper with PTEE/glass installation.

The operating parts are factory calibrated and sealed against severe environmental conditions, further adjustment or calibration is not required.

Conformance Criteria and Evaluation

Thermac, Model 1000, Type E heat detector have been evaluated and verified as conforming with the relivant requirements of the following criteria:

Australian Standard AS 1603.101990, 'Automatic fire detection and alarm systems - Heat detectors' including Amdt 1 (April 1995).
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